Avinindita Nura Lestari, or Dita, is a medical student based in Bandung, Indonesia, who loves to make illustrations. Graduated from Universitas Islam Bandung in 2019, she is currently on her clinical rotation in university hospital mainly in West Java. To Dita, colorful visual aids : sketches, diagrams, mindmaps, are very helpful in learning medicine, not to mention, with the help of jazz playlists and podcasts too. She really hopes the content on portofolio is engaging enough for students to learn medical science through illustrations, especially for visual learners. She made her acquaintance on being more productive in producing art since high school. In 2014 she illustrated a series of pocket notebooks as commissioned artist for Mossery Design Company, a stationery company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A year later, just before the national exam, Dita with her collective art group named 'Kongsi Callow' made their first exhibition of contemporary art. In this group, Dita specializes in drawings and doodles. Later, she paved her way into illustrating disease when working with Armando Hasudungan Faigl for his website in 2015. Currently, Dita's been working on illustration for MyEndoConsult and also a book with an endocrinologist, Dr.Akuffo Quarde. 
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